About Me

Welcome to my e-portfolio!

My name is Marina Powers and I am a pre-service English Education and English Language Learner teacher. I love language and how language is used creatively to create great works of literature. This portfolio was created to showcase my beliefs as a teacher and personal commitment to education. My personal goal as an educator is to teach students how to be responsible members of their community in their school, in their city, in their state, in the United States, and as global citizens. In the era we live in, students cannot have an education that is not conducive to the world they must interact with. I’m dedicated to making sure that the needs of all learners are met; not just the predominant ones.

This portfolio will show how all my beliefs come together to create who I am as a teacher. I believe that the classroom should include all learners from every background and I want them to know that I care about them. I believe in student-centered education and making sure that the needs of the unique and diverse group of learners in my classroom are met.

To learn more about my beliefs in detail, please use the tabs above to navigate my site.

Thank you for coming to my portfolio! Feel free to contact me at marina@mitchelltelecom.net for anything.


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